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What's New?

  • Coloured Chime Bar Magnets

  • Wooden Pitch Staircase

  • Coloured Alto Chime Bars

  • Giant Floor Staff Kit

  • Fair Trade Wool Felt Puppets

Welcome to Take Note Music
     Education resources for the music classroom
     Equipping teachers to develop young musicians

     Teachers throughout Australia and around the world are using the
     Take Note Music Resources
which compliment their Kodaly and Orff
     based music programs.


The programme includes..

  • Student Books -  Levels 1 - 5  (for ages 5 - 10)  

  • Teacher Books

  • Resource Kits - Include Rhythm, Solfa and Staff Flashcards, Colour Song Pictures & Colour Song Shapes   

  • Flashcard Kits

  • Listening Kits

  • Xylomagnets

  • Music Stickers

  • Music Borders & Trimmers

  • Music Reference Books and Picture Story Books

 The programme is designed to promote..

  • Music Literacy 

  • Independent musicians 

  • Understanding through clearly set out written activities 

  • Catering for Individual differences through extension activities included in the teacher books, it is proposed that each written activity is a short segment within a fully integrated lesson. 

The Authors


Ruth Friend and Davina McClure are experienced music specialists based in Australia. Between them, they have a wealth of educational experience in Kodaly, Orff, Choral and Instrumental Music Education having taught in a wide variety of schools.

With a special interest in music curriculum, children's choirs and the professional development of music teachers they present at conferences throughout Australia and consult with teachers in order to implement developmental music programs.


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Giant Floor Stave
Floor Stave
Giant Music Stave
Music Stave
Exploring the stave
 Pitch Staircase
Pitch ladder
Chime Bar ladder
Chime Bar Staircase
Tone ladder
Tone Staircase
Fair Trade Puppets
Wool puppets
Woolen puppets
Hand made puppets
Felt puppets
Wool felt puppets
Papoose puppets
Cuckoo Clock
Cuckoo clock puppet
Alto Chime Bars
Chime Bars
Chime Bar Magnets
Peter and the Wolf Picture Story book
Peter and the Wolf Story book
Peter and the Wolf Picture book








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