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  Listening Kits

Listening Kits include written activities & visual aids that focus on various themes: identification of instruments, timbre, programme, form, tempo, rhythm, high/low, historical setting, musical terms etc. Lesson plans are included, recordings are readily available, but not included.

Listening Kit No. 1 

Peer Gynt & Early Listening






Colour Tower


Activities include:

  • A3 Colour Tower - High/ Low activities

  • 'Kangaroo' with untuned percussion instruments

  • 3 activities and lesson plans for use with Peer Gynt - 'In the Hall of the Mountain King'

Contents include:

  • 4 photocopiable blackline masters

  • A3 Colour Tower

  • 6 black & white A4 untuned percussion pictures


Early Listening  
1: A3 Colour Tower - High/Low

Visual aid in the aural recognition of high and low sounds, initially at the 8ve interval, and then revisited at the 5th and the minor 3rd (Laminated & magnetised for use on the whiteboard.)


Activity 2: Kangaroo song with untuned percussion

1 x Photocopiable Blackline Master

6 x A4 Untuned Percussion Instrument Pictures - laminated & magnetised


'Kangaroo skippy roo, dozing in the midday sun...'   (Ref: Catch a Song)

This song may be used to practice the aural recognition of untuned percussion instruments. Played as a game, the children guess what instrument is playing in the last phrase of the song “guess what’s playing just for fun”. 

Kangaroo - Blackline Master

This blackline master may be photocopied as a class set & laminated for use where students are given plastic counters to identify the mystery instrument they hear. Individual A4 black & white pictures of the untuned percussion instruments are included for display.



Activity 3: Peer Gynt - In the Hall of the Mountain King

3 activities for use in 3 or more lessons. Activities include beat, rhythm, writing rhythm, following listening map, movement, creative movement & Italian terms & analysis.

Blackline Master 1         Blackline Master 2            Blackline Master 3           


Teacher Notes……… 

1. After the children have listened to the work ( recording not included in Kit ), the teacher describes the setting and tells the story of Peer Gynt. “Peer Gynt is a vain and untruthful man who makes up stories about himself. One day he goes for a walk in the fjords of Norway and lies down for a sleep beside the opening to a huge mountain cave…”. (Story included in Teacher notes.)

2. The children discover and practice the 16 beat rhythm of the theme. They write the rhythm into Blackline Master 1.

3. Blackline Master 2 & Overhead Transparency are used for children to explore movement & dance expressions of the repeated theme and changes in the elements of music. Each picture of "Peer Gynt" represents one repetition of the melody or 'motif' which can be represented by the students in movement. Each repetition develops with regard to dynamics and tempo. Great fun!

4. Blackline Master 3 is used later the same year or to revisit the work in the following year.










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