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Take Note Music

Take Note Music is a leading music education platform, developing classroom music texts, teacher and class-based resources and offering music teacher training. By incorporating Kodaly and Orff approaches to our curriculum, we aim to support students’ learning through a singing-based programme that has been specifically designed to help improve music literacy and promote musical understanding.

We support Elementary, Primary and Middle school teachers by offering a developmental programme, designed to foster music literacy whilst ensuring enjoyable, thoughtful and stimulating lessons. Our material broadens students’ understanding of music, promoting the development of joyful, attentive and sensitive young musicians.

Take Note Music is an Australian Company that now sees demand for its products from across the globe. We support teachers by providing insightful teacher manuals which give and explain useful hints, tips and guides on the sequential development of musical concepts, methodology, course planning overviews, lesson planning and assessments for Kodaly Music Programs.

The Authors

Ruth Friend 

B. Ed Mus, 

Grad Dip Movement & Dance

Davina McClure  

B. Mus Ed, M. Ed.

Prof. Cert. Pos. Ed.

Davina McClure and Ruth Friend are highly regarded Australian music educators. As leaders in teacher training workshops and Kodaly training courses, Davina and Ruth draw on their wealth of educational experience in Kodaly, Orff, Choral, Movement & Dance and Instrumental Music Education to ensure schools, teachers and students are supported with some of the best material available. Davina and Ruth have established a number of proficient music programs within both Primary and Secondary school settings throughout Australia. Their “hands on” approach to music education has equipped them to develop readily accessible resources for the classroom, providing a set of thorough, sequential and practical lesson guides for music teachers.

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