Treble Clef Farm eBook Series 

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Filled with opportunities for vocal exploration, this engaging eBook series is written as a farmyard story with embedded sound files which model then allow for student responseIt is the perfect starting block for music theory and is therefore a must-have for any music schools, classrooms or homes that are musically minded.

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Mrs Clef’s Chicken Coop - Book 1

By bringing music to life through association, in this case a farmyard chicken coop with beautiful and engaging illustrations to match, children discover the first fundamental of music theory; the four spaces in the treble stave.

The chickens, Francine, Abigail, Connie and Edna lay their eggs in “special spaces” throughout the story as a means to help children to make the connection between the music stave’s spaces and the chicken’s eggs. Each chicken lays their eggs in a particular space and therefore helps children to understand that each space is relative to a specific chicken. This relativity is then later reinforced and simplified to give the children a solid understanding that each space signifies either an F, an A, a C or an E in terms of musical notes and lettering.

In the book, children engage with what they learn as they progress by “buzzing”, likes bees, at high and low notes to further clarify each note’s position within the stave. Children listen to a specific note and respond by singing back the sound of each note or pitch as the chickens lay their eggs. As an all-embracing exercise towards the end of the book, children then listen to and echo Mrs Clef’s rendition of “God Bless the Moon” as she sings it to her chickens at night.

Further to the theoretical learning and practical side of the music lesson, children are also presented with musical signs, notations and tools such as: the treble clef, the tuning fork and the metronome.

Mrs Clef’s Vegetable Garden - Book 2

Based on the same premise as the first of the series, this book focuses on a farmyard vegetable patch to help teach children about the lines within the music stave. The mice, Edward, George, Basil, Dudley and Frederick provide the means of association needed for effective retention by “living in the timber rails between the spaces of the chicken coop”, thereby identifying the lines as E, G, B, D and F.

Children are engaged in responding to different types of voices as led by the mice characters; speaking, whispering, squeaky, high, low and finally a singing voice. They enjoy realising that the tomato stake is actually a conductor's baton and used by Basil to conduct the mice as they sing in a beautiful chamber choir. At the end of the day, Mrs Clef reappears and sings “Starlight Star Bright” to the mice as night falls.


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Treble Clef Farm eBook Series - ebook worksheets for MAC

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